Porak Aeroponics is a system developed by K.Kanchang Co., Ltd. Aeroponics is a concept used by NASA to grow vegetable in space. It is the only cultivation method which we can 100% control the environment of the vegetable. With this concept, we engineer our system from ground up to create our version of aeroponics. We simplified the design and choose the most durable and reliable equipment so that it is easy for maintenance.

We successfully built a large scale demo farm in Ayutthaya Province. The result is we can produce vegetables and melon all year round, without any restraint of season or temperature. Porak Aeroponics utilize all resources: water, fertilizer, space, manpower, therefore, it is the system that can be use anywhere.

K.Kanchang Co., Ltd. also received support from government, especially from National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA in all 3 stages; Groom, Grant and Growth. Moreover, we were selected by Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) to be one of the AgriTech to invest as a part of promoting innovation in Thailand.